The idea for a Chamber of Commerce started with a challenge in 1943.

The entire concept for a civic organization was designed to promote Broadview Heights as a great place to live, work and play and that has not changed over the years. 

As published in the Broadview Heights Village Home Front Activities" Newspaper.
(The following news items have been summarized.)

January 1944 - Three members are elected to the Executive Board for two-year term and two members to a one-year term. The groundwork for the Chamber is being laid for its scope of work. Civic needs, social progress, community service are all within its scope. Membership now totals 22.

February 1944 - Eleven more men are taken in as charter members, including Mayor Luemport and Councilmen Kocar, Reiser and Foster. The topics for the evening are village fire protection.

March 1944 - Nine more men join as charter members. A committee is appointed by the School Board to determine how feasible it is to reopen the school building at Wallings and McCreary. There is a trend of population shift from city to suburb. Charter membership is closed.

April 1944 - Membership is now 50. The Chamber wants a group twice this size. President William Scheuerman (maternal grandfather of Donald Faulhaber Jr.) promises to make the meetings more snappy.

May 1944 - The Chamber's first guest speaker is Edward Blythin, President of the Cleveland City Club. His topic is a stirring and dramatic appeal to the Home Front to carry on their part of the war.

June 1944 - The Chamber announces plans for a Community Picnic in August at the European Gardens on Wallings Road, just east of Wyatt.

July 1944 - The picnic is scheduled for August 26th at 2 p.m. for everyone to get to meet each other. There will be a play-off baseball game between the South Side Farmers and the North Side Gas House Gang.

August 1944 - The Community Picnic is a huge success.

September 1944 - The Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to an Open House on October 10 at the Village Hall. An Athletic Committee is organized to promote athletic activities in the village. Membership is 80.

October 1944 - The Open House is a success. The President of the School Board gives a talk about a proposed school levy. The Mayor talks about zoning.

November 1944 - There is discussion about starting a Boys Hard Ball league and a Boy Scout Troup. A committee is appointed to choose the slate of 1945 officers.

February 1945 - The Chamber's goal is to promote friendship among the men and to have their families become better acquainted through social affairs. New officers are President - J.G. Pullman, Vice President - A.B. Woodruff, Secretary - R.O. Yarian, Secretary - R.M. Bender.