Levels & Benefits

Chamber members are recognized by the community and fellow businesses as investors in the economic growth, vitality and stability of their communities. They are recognized as businesses with vision that expands beyond their own bottom line. 

Because the Chamber supports a wide range of community events and efforts, its name and the names of its members are recognized for more than their products and services. 


All Chamber members are entitled to the following additional benefits...and this list is constantly expanding!

  • Inclusion in promotions, events and print advertising that showcases the Chamber and its member businesses
  • Educational events focusing on member needs, concerns and interests
  • Member-to-member advocacy and mentorship
  • Weekly, monthly and annual networking opportunities and warm introductions to fellow members and their networking circles. This includes open invitations to:
    • Weekly Networking Lunches on Thursdays 12:30 p.m.
    • Frequent Lunch & Learn presentations held within the weekly Networking Lunches
    • Monthly Empower Hour sessions for useful insights and solutions to common business challenges
    • Spring Fundraiser event
    • Annual Member Appreciation event
  • Discounted rates for credit card processing, business insurance, health insurance, print advertising, photocopying, workers compensation, and other services
  • Presence, live links and promotion of events, job openings and news on the Chamber website
  • Weekly and monthly email communications featuring timely news and relevant information
  • Advertising in the monthly Chamber_eConnect newsletter at no additional charge
  • All the benefits available through NOACC - Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce - of which our Chamber is an active member.


Bronze Membership - $175
Includes the benefits listed above.

Gold Membership - $275
In addition to the benefits of Bronze membership, Gold members are...

  • Recognized as benefactors of the Annual Member Appreciation event and numerous other special events throughout the year

Sponsor Membership - $500
In addtion to all of the benefits of Gold membership, Sponsor members are...

  • Featured on the home page of the Chamber website.
  • The sole sponsors of one educational event per year where they are able to make a presentation about their goods or services at either a weekly Networking Lunch or After Hours event at their own location